A simple user generated content tool

WOMI helps store owners expand their social presence with mentions and photos from their customers.

Give your customers incentive for posting photos and tagging you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

WOMI will help you monitor these posts and easily reward your clients.


Customers shop as usual.

Once product is delivered buyer gets an email with the offer to post a photo or a video to social media for a reward from the shop.


WOMI searches for social media posts made by customers. It searches for relevant hashtags and mentions.

It matches those posts to actual purchases and specific buyers.


WOMI rewards buyers for their social posts.

The post can be a photo or a video and store can always choose to approve or decline it.

WOMI works on these platforms:

Avada Macbook Image
Avada Macbook Image
Brick and Mortar

“At last an efficient solution for customer content!”

“We were skeptical about the WOMI concept at first, but once we started offering rewards to our customers for social engagements, we clearly saw a substantial increase in sales. Thank you WOMI team!” – Popup Lighting

We tried out WOMI because it’s free and easy to use. We’ve always had some social activity, but were seeing low engagement on our social channels. Once we started using WOMI, our Facebook page has seen an immediate surge in visitor posts – which means more exposure and sales.
Adam, Popup Lighting
We thought to give WOMI a try and so we did. While Social media sounds strange when you sell wood floors these guys gave our clients the reason to leave feedback with photos over the web bringing more and more of their friends to our shop. Amazing idea! A big LIKE to the team!
Jonathan, Turgon Flooring
Amazing service and world class support. WOMI’s team helped us to get it up and running in our store. We saw an increase in our Instagram “Photos of You” which has been great for business, and we are definitely feeling the difference in the number of orders we are getting.
Romy, Soed Noded Food Service

Which Plan is Right For You?


  • Instagram AND Facebook
  • 300 orders per month


  • Instagram AND Facebook
  • Unlimited orders

Our Basic is designed so that WOMI has a chance to get to know you and to make an impact. No payment required up front, no clock ticking on a time-based trial. This isn’t a typical app.

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